The Colorado Leadership Fund, LLC (CLF) is a political organization formed under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code and Colorado law. CLF’s purpose is to educate citizens about the issues and policies of the Colorado House of Representatives.

Through education, CLF engages citizens in the electoral process and promotes a more accountable state government. Among its activities, CLF produces and distributes or broadcasts communications that refer to candidates for state office. CLF also pays for research, polling, and surveys. CLF does not expressly advocate candidates running for any office, contribute to candidate committees or political parties, or synchronize its activities with, or act under the control of, candidates or parties.

As a so-called “527,” CLF is permitted to take contributions from individuals and corporations at any amount, and it spends such funds as permitted by law. Federal law includes restrictions on the manner in which CLF spends corporate contributions. We agree that our expenditure of funds received from your company will comply with such restrictions.

CLF is required to, and does, comply with all pertinent legal requirements relating to the funding and disclosure of electioneering communications. As part of its commitment to comply with election laws, CLF files periodic reports of contributions and expenditures with the Colorado Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service.

Through your donation, CLF can effectively educate citizens on the many issues that directly impact the quality of life for all Colorado families.

Thank you for your support.

If you would like to send your contribution by mail, please send it to:

Colorado Leadership Fund, LLC
Post Office Box 238
Denver, CO 80201


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